Could this happen in real time? I wonder if an experiment like

One of the easiest and most effective ways to support healthy digestive function during the holidays is to supplement with digestive enzymes. Produced by your body, digestive enzymes break down the foods you eat into nutrients and waste products, and promote the complete absorption of nutrients. They work together with food based enzymes, which are [...]

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‘ Instead of falling down a rabbit hole

Liberal candidate Kevin Falcon is already creating a hostile environment, effectively following up on the Gordon Campbell style by attacking the teachers. He suggested yesterday they should be paid by the score results achieved by students on standardized testing. The teacher's federation claims this will reduce the overall quality of the education where the subjects [...]

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« When people asked me today if I felt lucky

In the end I had to just tell him he would be my first (for everything) because I felt like he was expecting me to be super experienced and Im not. He was really supportive and said all the right things, that he felt really special and lucky to be my first (not just for [...]

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