All I wanted to do is go back to bed

Kim Clifford of Western Springs, Ill., knows firsthand how bad morning sickness can get. She was so sick she could barely keep any solid food down, except sweets. "I kept waiting for it to stop, and the doctor and nurses said, 'When you get to be 10 or 12 weeks, it'll stop.' " But [...]

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Quickly, Kaur earned up to $6,000 a month, working for a

By 19 she was a Licensed Vocational Nurse marble iPhone case, eager to escape the family home she describes as "a prison". Quickly, Kaur earned up to $6,000 a month, working for a health care agency, nursing a terminally ill businessman, and back to back shifts at various Bay area hospitals. "She lived with her [...]

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The American Dental Association recommends a score of 250 or

The announcement comes on the heels offurious lobbying by the e cigarette industry to roll back hefty FDA regulations, issued last year, that would have affected e cigarette products that came on marketafter Feb. 15, 2007. Nearly all the e cig products sold today would be required to go through rigorous review, industry officials said.. [...]

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Phew, glad I read that before posting! »

I wanted to save the easy one for the one down the road. "CBS News Chief White House correspondent Major Garrett points out that everything the president has achieved so far legislatively involves special rules that allowed the Senate to rely on a simple majority, rather than the higher threshold of 60 votes that is [...]

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Gaps in medical insurance will bankrupt most middle class

The whole episode only went down the way it did because the leadership sincerely believed a scholarly translation of the papyri would vindicate Smith. This would never happen today, because now they know better. Any authentic artifacts are bought up and hidden away until their potential damage to the church truth claims can be evaluated, [...]

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