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Punjab and Rajasthan are fighting to avoid finishing last. It's a tense game with loud, unnecessary appeals, constant chatter, glares, and a few tantrums: all by Kumar Sangakkara obviously. The nerves are equally frayed in the VIP enclosure, where Ms Zinta and Ms Shetty sit side by side, each clutching a team flag in one [...]

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Finally, it also turns out that oxytocin can increase gloating and envy cheap sex toys, hardly the emotional bastions for warm fuzzies and any sexual sidekicks. These 'negative social emotion' studies are requiring researchers to rethink the simplistic model of oxytocin = cuddle hormone. Maybe oxytocin promotes social emotions in general, both negative and positive; [...]

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 » In this song, Swift sings, « Met you in a bar

7. "So It Goes.": This song actually references two other songs on the album, "Gorgeous" and "Call It What You Want." In this song, Swift sings, "Met you in a bar." This connects to the "whiskey on ice, Sunset and Vine" lyrics from Gorgeous, which was revealed by lucky fans who attended her secret sessions [...]

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